TV Commercials

What is your expected result from a television commercial?  Do you want traffic… qualified traffic? Do you want people to call you now, remember to call you when your product or service is needed? 

Do you have to create the need for your product or service?  Perhaps customers know they want or need your product… the commercial just has to convince them to buy it at your store, not the competitor’s. 

These are some of the perspectives Harmonic Image will explore with you to make the most effective commercial and achieve your expected result.

Video for Web

Video will enhance your website and social media sites. Send prospective

customers a video link or use in your email signature. Imagine how powerful

your business can be with professionally produced video elements?

Social Media

Link a short video to feature a new product or service. Add a photo to introduce staff, show

store front, special of the day or menu items.

Highlight your business with aerial footage, photographs, show your retail location and landmarks. Accent real estate listings with property lines and waterways.

Aerial Video &

Film/Video Producer/Director,

 Commercial Photographer & Audio Specialist

Avid // After Effects // Editor  

Available for freelance

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