TV Commercials

Media is created by only a few basic elements... Visuals, Sound and Light. From television commercials to stage performances, the message or experience being conveyed depends on the content and how the content is presented.  There are many considerations within these elements… here are a few examples; Lighting must enhance the foreground while protecting the integrity of the background. Sound must be naturally blended with music and effects. Camera movement must appear as natural as a human eye would see or move. Music should reinforce the emotion of visual elements.

  At Harmonic Image we believe perfect media is created by striking a perfect harmony between all elements and their attributes.



for Web Ads

Online advertising can take advantage rising trends and help your business reach the right audiences.  Internet banner or video ads can optimize your campaign by getting your ad right in front of your next costumer. 

"A bit different"

Show off your personality! Big and Loud.

Have fun and get your message out to your client base with a unique commercial that

they will remember.   

Advertise your big event! Perfect for local cable channels, social media accounts or even a link it on your email signature. 

Local Event

Film/Video Producer/Director,

 Commercial Photographer & Audio Specialist

Avid / After Effects / Editor

Available for freelance


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